Rules for Divisional Patent Applications Change before the Colombian Patent Office

Autor: Zulma Cepeda

The Colombian Patent Office (CPO) issued Resolution No. 59669 dated September 25, 2020, whereby it established new rules for divisional patent applications. The new rules are a welcomed change from the previous complicated, inefficient and time consuming requirements. The changes include eliminating the previous requirement to remove from the divisional’s specification any matter directed to the parent application, and also flexibilizing the patentability examination procedure when unity of invention is objected.

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Is the Chain of Custody the Only Mechanism Available to Authenticate and Identify Physical Evidence in Criminal Proceedings in Colombia?

Autor: J. Ian Raisbeck

Recent decision SP-2020 issued by the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice - Criminal Cassation Chamber (SCJ - Criminal CC), dated April 29, 20201, provides a clear explanation over the mechanisms provided for by the Criminal Procedure Code to authenticate and identify physical evidence, which go beyond the use of the chain of custody. As such, even though the chain of custody is an ideal mechanism to identify and authenticate physical evidence, it is not the only available mechanism.

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The use of musical works on digital platforms in light of SAYCO's Virtual Event Fees Manual for Unlicensed Channels

Autor: Cristian Moreno

In view of the debate that has been generated in recent days in Colombia by the Manual of Virtual Events Fees to Non-Licensed Channels (hereinafter the Fees Manual) issued by the Society of Authors and Composers of Colombia -SAYCO (in Spanish)-, and the implications that these fees bring for the new challenges that the global pandemic has brought to the music industry, it is worth recalling some relevant aspects on this subject in order to understand what is happening today with the use of musical works on virtual platforms, as it occurs in the so called "Virtual Concerts".

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Are Legal Precedents Compulsory for Judges in Colombia?

Author: J. Ian Raisbeck

Recent decision STC263-2020 issued by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) - Civil Cassation Chamber - of January 23, 20201, reminds us that in Colombia judicial precedents are there to guarantee constitutional rights to equality and due process, and therefore, judges must follow them in their rulings. However, said ruling did not delve into the exceptions that allow a Judge to refrain from applying a precedent.

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